Angel Reading at Watkins Bookshop, Covent Garden

Having written two books in 16 months, I am now a travelling saleswoman, phoning and visiting independent bookshops to see if they will stock my books. Publishers do not have time to do this, and there is not much point writing books if no one reads them… 

Watkins Books in Cecil Court, Central London is J D Rowling’s favourite bookshop.

It is now also one of mine. 

Wendy Erlick has written a book called “The gift of an Angel: A Guide to Integrating Spirituality into everyday Life” which chronicles her life journey and how she met her own angel (we all have our own personal one) – a surprisingly down to earth read.

Wendy sits in the window of Watkins on Tuesdays and gives angel readings. After reading  her book two years ago, I decided to go and see her to see what she had to say. She said a few generalized things which could apply to anyone (you will shine your star..) but at the end she did say I would be a great writer and she would like to come to my book signing. 

So when I finished my first book, ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’, I emailed her and reminded her what she said and asked her to endorse my book! Bless her she did.

I went to see her again last month for an update and to see if she could introduce me to the buyer at Watkins (gosh I sound pushy!). I showed her my second book ‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’ and she said “You should go and talk to Mike downstairs – they will probably stock it”. I asked her if I could mention her name and she replied “You can if you wish but I don’t think you need to”.

We had a little chat about poor sales on Amazon and she offered me her list of UK New Age shops. She then paused to listen to her angel and wrote down the following:

“Do not be anxious  Allow the soul of the book to fly where it needs to fly  Julie it serves you to come for the position of serving. The purpose of your book is to assist people to reconnect with the Divine and to be held by the Divine Mother.                                                                                      They need to be of a vibration to receive you. You are served by not taking anything personally                                                         Draw back. Most fortunate because you are resourced! Now all that is needed is a concrete practical plan                                                             Know that you have done well. Understand you are blessed!”

I feel very blessed indeed….

Yesterday, The Henge Shop in Avebury ordered 12 of my books and have asked me to do a book signing on December 15.

I know one person (and her angel) I will be inviting…

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