Last night was my first live radio interview, with Chloe and Peggy Sue on the ‘Outer Limits Show’ at Radio Swindon. If you missed it, it is available on podcast on their website.

Julie de Vere Hunt, Mary Magdalene

My main concern was staying awake, as the programme aired from 10-11pm!  I have just returned from another pilgrimage to Ratu’s ashram in Bali and not yet adjusted to the time difference. Needless to say, the adrenalin kicked in and it was ‘problem no problem’, as Ratu would say.. 

Chloe and Peggy Sue suggested I got there at 8pm, presumably for a debriefing. But Chloe said she did not prepare for interviews, so we talked about everything but Mary Magdalene! As the clock approached 10pm I started to feel a little nervous!

Chloe and Peggy Sue were very relaxed and made me feel most welcome – the only sticky moment was when the equipment crashed and the Maria Magdalene song would not play. Mary’s cosmic joke?

 Chloe improvised by asking me about my watercolour of Mary Magdalene which the listeners clearly could not see!

I enjoyed the evening and have had some positive feedback which is encouraging.

I have an interview tomorrow Friday 22nd November with Source fm 96.1FM on Sophie Sweatman’s Springboard Show (2.45pm). Sophie is trained in writing and journalism so I suspect her questions will be a little more probing..

I am grateful for last night’s practice!