AVEBURY BOOK SIGNING – Henge Shop, Sunday 15th. December 2019


henge shop mary magdalene book signing aveburyI didn’t know what to expect at my first book signing at the Henge Shop in Avebury.

My publisher had warned me that book signings could be poorly attended; he once accompanied a ‘famous’ author on one and not a soul came! The following words sprang to mind:-

 ‘Be open to everything but attached to nothing’

So I asked Marek and Nina to come and take some photos, enticing them with a pub lunch in the Red Lion. My husband and dog also came, but didn’t get past the Red Lion..

Dominique, the owner, and Jane looked after me with cups of tea, coffee and mulled apple juice, bless them. 

Anyway, after a slow start things picked up before and after lunch. If you have not been to Avebury it is a must. Marek, Nina and I found ourselves giggling like schoolgirls for no apparent reason, which seemed to attract people to my corner.

Marek remarked on the cross section of people interested in Mary Magdalene – young, old, schoolgirls, a retired accountant, men and women.. this was very interesting, and unexpected.

I only sold 8 books by 4pm but as I did not have any targets I was not disappointed – in fact I really enjoyed the day!

I have been told that I need to relax and ‘allow the soul of my book to fly where it needs to fly’.

The following week I heard from my publisher that the US distributor has ordered 400 books and my second print run has sold out! 

A reminder to just let go, enjoy and trust in the universe!