Book Recommendations

This book was the start of my re-education on Mary Magdalene for me – the first of a trilogy. Couldn’t put it down. McGowan self-published and sold 2,500 in the first year from her garage. She then signed with Simon & Schuster and went onto sell over a million copies worldwide.

I stumbled across the gnostic gospels whilst researching my first book, Apostle to Mary Magdalene . It was like falling down a rabbit hole and entering another world. This is a mighty tome of 800 pages but it is my number 1 reference book.

If Mr Meyer’s book sounds a little over facing then this book is for you – an excellent introduction and overview of the Gnostic gospels.

This book provided the framework for Mary Magdalene’s Legacy and Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy’ . Compiled in 1260, The Golden Legend was the most widely read book after the Bible in the late Middle Ages. It depicts the lives of 161 saints – some great stories. All the main characters in my books are in there.

Dr Hawkins discovered that human behaviour can be calibrated on a scale of 1- 1000 with kinesiology, or muscle testing. After 250,000 muscle testings, he formulated a ‘Map of Consciousness’. At the low end of the scale are guilt (30) and fear (100); at the high end are the oral teachings of our great prophets – Jesus, Buddha and Krishna all calibrate at 1000. Both Mary Magdalene’s Legacy and Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy have been independently tested and calibrate at +700.

This book was recommended to me by Kathleen McGowan, who I met on a writers workshop in December 2019. She said she had it clasped to her chest whilst she wrote all her books. All the great myths follow a similar structure – this book gives step-by-step guidelines for plot and character development. I ​did not discover it until I was writing Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy and found it invaluable.

I have never been into poetry, but Searching for Sappho captured my heart. Sappho was the first female poet, born on the Greek island of Lesbos around 630BC during the birth of Western science, art and philosophy. Sappho was the daughter of an aristocratic family, a wife, mother, lover of women, priestess, musician and one of the greatest writers of all time. I felt compelled to include her in Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy.

Dolores Cannon is a regressional hypnotist and this book relates her sessions with a young American woman called Katie (not her real name). Under hypnosis, Katie recalls life as a male teacher called Suddi in the Qumran Essene Community in the 1 st century AD. One of her students is Yeshua.. a fascinating read needless to say!

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