Mary Magdalene’s Legacy

Mary Magdalene's Legacy

A highly controversial account of what happened to Mary Magdalene after the Crucifixion of Jesus – the claims in this book will send shock waves through the Catholic Church and beyond.


“‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’: Julie writes with simplicity and truth about the teachings of Jesus – he came to teach us all ‘love and compassion’. The hidden truth that now can become available for us all if we wish to know ourselves as our true selves.

Julie writes the life story of Mary Magdalene living the true teachings of Jesus and about the challenges she went through having unconditional love for all. The energy from this book is amazing! What I personally got from the book is a sense of peace and a deeper understanding of non-judgement.

Thank you Julie for your courage, dedication and research in writing this book.”

Patricia Mannion, Ireland // 2nd September 2019

Hear the Author read Chapter 1 below!

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