Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy

Mary Magdalene's Final Legacy


September 108, Lake Mareotis, Alexandria, Egypt. My name will forever be associated with betrayal.. I was born in Gaul in 63, shortly after my grandmother Mary Magdalene died. 

My name was chosen by my mother, Sarah, in memory of the apostle Judas Iscariot, who was wrongly accused of betraying Yeshua. Judas was greatly revered in our family. Mary Magdalene wrote about him in both her diary and in The Gospel of Thomas (Codex II), where Judas predicted his own death. Sarah wrote The Gospel of Judas (Codex V) as a tribute to him.

I was known to my family as Jude. My mother Sarah, was the daughter of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, which makes me their first grandson. My older sisters, Mary and Anne, chose not to marry, so it was on my shoulders to carry on the bloodline of Yeshua. Mary Magdalene founded the Therapeutae community at Lake Mareotis, just outside Alexandria in 33, which was where my mother Sarah was born later that year. When Sarah was nine years old they had to flee to Gaul in a boat, after they had been betrayed to the Roman authorities. They lived there happily for twenty years until my grandmother’s death in 63. This is where my mother met and married my father, Jean Claude, a native of Gaul. After my grandmother died in 63, my parents sailed from Gaul to Alexandria with me and my two older sisters. I was just two months old. Sarah said this was Mary Magdalene’s wish, so that Sarah could carry on her work in Alexandria.

Jean Claude was a cabinet maker, of some repute, and when I think of him, I can still smell the wood chippings and glue he used in making his pieces. I would spend hours with him in his workshop, watching him work. I wanted to be like him. When I was seven I was able to join my sisters at the esteemed Serapeum school. We were some of the few Jewish children at the Serapeum; Mother had petitioned the Roman Governor of Egypt, Tiberius Julius Alexander, for us to be admitted. She was granted an audience because his uncle, Philo, had been Mother’s tutor at Lake Mareotis. Like her mother, Mary Magdalene, she was a determined woman and did not take no for an answer.

My sisters were good students and worked hard; I enjoyed the sport and entertained my peers by acting the goat. I passed all my exams, but I was more interested in finishing my schoolwork, so I could join my father in his workshop. In July 81, when I was eighteen and had finished school, Sarah, Mary and Anne moved to Lake Mareotis. I wanted to stay in Alexandria with my father Jean Claude to apprentice as a cabinet maker. This took four years. I was in no hurry to go and live at the community. This is when I fell in with a group of heathen friends who enjoyed drinking, gambling, women.. The alcohol was the worst; I would get drunk and boast about my commissions to rich Jews, overcharging them, taking advantage of my heritage, as well as trading on my father’s reputation as a first class cabinet maker. I fell in love with a married Greek woman, Alexa. It was lust actually. She was bored and I was full of testosterone. And she was unavailable, which of course made her all the more alluring. We wrote letters to one another – nothing actually happened, but her husband found one of my letters. In Greek society, absolutely anything is permissible regarding sex, bar adultery with another man’s wife, as she is considered his property. If you were caught, the punishment was performed in the agora. A mullet or large radish, would be rammed up the place the sun doesn’t shine….for the amusement of the crowds.

The thought of this was inconceivable – I wouldn’t be able to face my family and my business would be over. I was so distraught I even considered throwing myself off the top of Pharos Lighthouse, but I was a coward too.. After yet another drunken night, I stumbled home. But the drink had not numbed my feelings of shame and self-loathing. In fact it made it worse. I collapsed on the floor, and began to sob. I cried out, begging for help from God, Yeshua, the angels, whoever was prepared to listen. To my astonishment, a light appeared in the corner of my room, and then I heard a voice. I felt an unfamiliar feeling of peace slowly wash over me. 

The voice told me to leave the city immediately, to travel to Rome, to see Pope Clement of Rome. The leader of the Christian church? Are you kidding? The voice was insistent and I was desperate.. I had to get out of Alexandria – so what did I have to lose?

Where did Yeshua and Mary Magdalene's line carry on?

Sequel to Mary Magdalene’s Legacy, Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy follows the next three generations of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene; through the diaries of Jude, their grandson, and John Julius, their great grandson. The story takes place in Egypt, Italy, Greece, Asia Minor (Turkey) and Gaul in the 1st and 2nd centuries. Jude suffers a spiritual crisis, and is beset with personal tragedy, but continues with his divine gift, writing. Jude’s son, John Julius, succeeds Jude and then travels to Asia Minor, where he changes his name and founds a new movement which would survive for centuries.

Archaeological discoveries made in the last twenty years together with the unearthing of more ancient Greek papyrus fragments form the basis for this story.  These early Christian writings were written under pseudonyms and until now were  unconnected with Mary Magdalene’s descendants.    

Mary Magdalene leaves one final legacy which will send shock waves through the church today.

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