Author’s Bio

Author's Bio

Since Dan Brown’s book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was published in 2003, Mary
Magdalene has been brought back into our consciousness after being in exile for
over 2,000 years. The film ‘Mary Magdalene’ came out in March 2018 which although it portrayed Mary
Magdalene as a woman of few words and submissive companion of Jesus, is
I have a BSc in psychology which helped me both with the research and subsequent
writing. I wanted to start with the ‘facts’ and studied the writings of religious scholars
Margaret Starbird and Susan Haskins, who have both spent decades researching
Mary Magdalene. Many of Dan Brown’s ideas were inspired by Margaret Starbird’s
After a business career in London, I moved to the country to focus on raising my
three children as I wanted to be fully involved in family life.
I always wanted to write (forgive the cliché) and over the years have had several
articles published in newspapers and magazines. I have self- published two
biographies and written an e book called ‘Diary from an Ashram’ based on my
experiences in Bali.
Since 2005 I have been a regular visitor to an ashram in Bali, where Ratu Bagus, an
energy master, is the spiritual leader. I have been witness to many extraordinary
events or miracles, some of which I mention in the book. More importantly, years of
‘bioenergetic meditation’ and Ratu’s teachings have opened up channels for me
which have proved invaluable to my writing. I finally started to write what came
in February 2018, and I simply could not stop!
First, ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’, published in September 2018, followed by ‘Mary
Magdalene’s Legacy’, which came out in June 2019.
The third and final book of the series, ‘Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy’, is due to be
released in November 2020.
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