My Journey

My Journey

The Ashram

The home of Ratu Bagus, spiritual teacher with a connection to the divine. I first met him in Dorset in 2004, and have visited his ashram every year since 2005. In November 2017, Claudia, a fellow student, casually mentioned at breakfast that she saw Mary Magdalene standing next to me at the morning meditation. Many extraordinary events happen on the ashram so I was not phased. I asked her what she looked like and she said ‘a dark pink energy’. She asked me if I had been to Glastonbury, which I had not. She said I should go as many people believe Mary Magdalene spent some time there..
avebury stones

Avebury – Orb

I was assisting a friend, Susanne Prabhuta, at an ‘Awakening the Illuminated Heart’ workshop one weekend in January 2018. I went for a walk around the stones at lunchtime and took this photograph. I often get orbs in my photos, but this was the first one surrounded by pink! I did not make the connection with Mary Magdalene at the time..



One sunny day in February 2018, my husband and I drove to Glastonbury for the day. We parked in Magdalene Street outside St Mary’s church. We visited the Tor, Chalice Well gardens and a few bookshops in the high street. In Labyrinth books, I picked up two books on Mary Magdalene and took them home.   (Labyrinth Books would later be the first bookshop to stock my books.)   

Flower of Life

Three psychics have told me that I would become a great writer one day. A shaman friend told me that meditating on the ‘Flower of Life’ symbol could initiate automatic writing. So I tried it, and for three days, words just flowed from me. The idea of ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’ came; an A-Z of everything we know about Mary Magdalene, with nuggets of spiritual phenomena and a bit of quantum science thrown in for good measure! 

mary magdalene, julie de vere hunt

Watercolour of Mary Magdalene by the author

I go to art class and felt inspired to paint Mary Magdalene in watercolour, assisted by my teacher Mini Owen. 

'Apostle To Mary Magdalene'

With my painting of Mary Magdalene on my desk, I wrote ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’ in six weeks, published in June 2018. Whilst researching this I discovered the gnostic gospels and leads me on to my next book..

‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’ front cover

A ‘story’ about Mary’s life after the crucifixion; fleeing to Alexandria pregnant with Yeshua’s daughter Sarah, transmission of the gnostic gospels, having to escape to Gaul, France, where she retires to a remote cave near Marseilles, and spends the rest of her life.
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