Jesus And The Essenes

As mentioned in ‘Apostle to Mary Magdalene’, the Qumran community was located close to the Dead Sea in Israel. It became famous when ancient texts were discovered there in 1947 – these became known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Qumran was believed to be an all male Essene community. The Essenes were a secretive Holy order and their way of living is described in Chapter V of ‘Mary Magdalene’s Final Legacy’.

I came across a book called ‘Jesus and the Essenes’ by Dolores Cannon, a regressional hynoptist. One of her subjects is a young American woman called Katie (not her real name) who, under hynopsis, recalls life as a male teacher called Suddi in Qumran in the 1st century AD. She has no recollection of what she says after each session and had no prior knowledge of the Essenes. The weekly sessions continue for a year and reveal information that is quite incredible.

Suddi’s description of the community fits with plans of archaeological remains. But she adds much more detail from her memories as Suddi; as a boy, a man, in old age and amazingly from after his ‘death’. It is a mixed community, although only the men live within the walls – the families dwell in a nearby village.

Suddi is a teacher of the Law and his two students are Benjoseph and Benzacharias. “Ben” in front of a name means “son of”, and the names Joseph and Zacharias. The author summises he was referring to Jesus and John. Suddi says they are both very intelligent but John is ‘more of the fire temperament’ and Jesus was quiet and pensive. Suddi often felt stupid when Jesus quietly expressed an opinion which threw a completely different light on a matter.

Suddi describes Jesus as fair skinned, with auburn hair and the most amazing eyes which seem to change colour from blue to green to grey. 

Jesus is 8 when he first visits Qumran. Suddi ‘teaches’ the Law to him; laws given to the Essenes by Moses. The things that one should live daily by; in order to be considered holy and on the right path.  

They also studied with other teachers to learn mathematics, the study of the stars, the study of the prophecies and the mysteries. 

Suddi said that Jesus lived with his family in Nazareth but when not visiting Qumran, or travelled with his Uncle Joseph (Joseph of Arimathea) on his ships visiting mystery schools all over the world. Joseph was a very wealthy tin merchant and visited Cornwall as England was very important for tin at that time.

Later in the book Suddi talks about Jesus’ teachings. In his travels Jesus noticed that many of the teachers spoke in ways that the people did not understand. Jesus used nature to get his messages across. In the following extract from a session with Katie/Suddi, Jesus makes reference to reincarnation:-

“There is a plant that grows in a strange way; it will shoot up a single plant from the roots and other plants can come up from the roots. And the branches that grow up will bend over and out, and when they contact the ground, put down roots and start a new offspring plant. Jesus compared this to a man’s cycle of lives. That the plant putting up new plants from the roots was like a man going through rebirths. And the branches tipping over and making new plants would be the man’s family and his children, while he comes back for new lives and starts new families.”

Suddi said Jesus used the onion as a way of showing the different planes of existence.   “At the centre of the plant the layers are very thin and close together. Each layer is a different plane; at the centre it’s the smallest and the most limited, like the physical world. As one travels upward and outward in the planes, one’s horizon of understanding would expand each time and you would see and understand more.”

“There is no Hell, other than that you create yourself.”

Suddi said Jesus should be marvelled at, but not worshipped or deified, as we are all part of God. 

“Jesus did not die to save us from our sins – we all have to pay for our own. If not during this lifetime, the next, or even the next.”

“Jesus wants to be remembered, but not in the way see him today. As a spirit guide, to enable people to achieve greater power for themselves. To not follow blindly and always question. If one does not question, one does not have faith.” 

Suddi said one day Christ would return to earth and “there will be those who will know him.”          

This is a fascinating book which resonates with me, but I recommend you read it for yourself to draw your own conclusions.. 

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