Akhenaten And The Essenes

Akhenaten’s consciousness was very high and he aimed to teach immortality in his mystery school– during his reign he achieved this with 300 of his followers – almost all women. 

When you become immortal, your memory remains intact and you are conscious from them on. It means you stay in the body as long as you want (unless you are murdered) – when you want to leave, you leave. This is the Egyptian definition of eternal life – continuous unbroken memory.

How did Akhenaten do this? Well, nothing was written down in the mystery schools for fear of misuse and harm to the uninitiated.

According to the Bible, there were two trees in the Garden of Eden – the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is associated with immortality. After Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge, they are driven out before they eat from the Tree of Life:-

The Lord God said,The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to eat from the tree of life and live for ever.’” Genesis 3:22

Botanist and pharmacologist  Dennis McKenna has identified Acacia Nilotica, found in Egypt, as a possible Tree of Life. Its bark contains large quantities of DMT, the most powerful hallucogen known to man. DMT is also a natural brain hormone made in the pineal gland, associated with spiritual transcendence. A potential route to immortality?

Acacia Nilotica

Akhenaten became very unpopular with the authorities as he had dispensed with both the priesthood and the military (he was a pacifist and refused to go to war) so they murdered him.  The authorities were so fearful of Akhenaten they removed all evidence of his existence. Fortunately, in the last century, archaeologists have unearthed remains and pieced his life together.   

Akhenaten foresaw his own fate and knew his life would become encoded in the akashic records for eternity. His legacy was the 300 students who had achieved spiritual immortality.  

These 300 students later migrated to Masada, Israel and formed the Essene Brotherhood. The 300 became the ‘inner circle’ and others who joined later became the ‘outer circle’. 

Mary mother of Yeshua, was one of the 300, and Joseph was part of the outer circle. 

Around 200 years before the birth of Yeshua, the leader of the Qumran Essene community had a vision; an Angel told him that a great Avatar, the Messiah, would come to Earth through the Essenes. But for this to occur, they must follow certain disciplines in order to create a physical body capable of withstanding the powerful vibrations of the Christ Spirit, as well as a group energy powerful enough to open an ‘energy vortex’ into this space-time dimension through which Christ would enter.

The Essene communities were the doorway, Yeshua was the Avatar.

The Gospel of Philip says:-

‘Three women always walked with the Master: Mary his mother, her sister, and Mary of Magdala, who is called his companion..’ and ‘Mary (Magdalene) understood him above all others.’

In my book ‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’, after the crucifixion, Joseph of Arimathea took Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and her inner circle to Alexandria, Egypt where she set up an Essene community at Lake Mareotis. 

This is where Mary Magdalene carried on the teaching of the Law and transmitted Yeshua’s teachings – the Gnostic texts which later became known as the Nag Hammadi library.

So what is the link between Akhenaten and Yeshua? They were both very high consciousness, energy masters, pacifists, taught the Law, and murdered by the authorities. 

My cellular memory tells me they were the ‘same energy but different body’. 

Hopefully there is someone with a similar level of consciousness alive today..

History tends to repeat itself and truth is stranger than fiction..

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  1. Thanks Julie, totally in line with my understanding …we can’t be immortal until we have come into love and our hearts and risen above the duality ….hemp also helps in this way through it helping to re boot our endo cannabinoid system to help us stay young and healthy …I love it that it say we can not be immortal until we can over come the duality of good and evil ….and that will bring about the Golden Age, which is coming about now..yes and we know the Avatar <3

  2. salute, this is good staff, it also affirms with the story of the first matyrs of christ, three african women, what i would like is for you to keep going , amenhotep 4 strikes me as one of the YWHs gods however, his story only creates possible cases, if he learnt the trait while in khemet,chances are he probably learnt from the latter pantheon belief, his attatchment to Aton is a good starting point keeping in mind (Aton) was always worn as a Sun disk by Wadjet …snake goddess, john 20 speakes of tourin shroud ( the leaving of the linen and clothe he was wrapped up in” or in other words “shed of skin” we have a story here,….

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