History is written by the winners; ecclesiastical Christians first defined the terms naming themselves ‘orthodox’ and their opponents ‘heretics’. The Nag Hammadi Library fell under the second category and that is why they were buried.

When Muhammed Ali smashed that jar filled with papyrus on the cliff near Nag Hammadi and was disappointed not to find gold, he could not have imagined the implications of his accidental find. Had they been discovered 1,000 years earlier, the gnostic texts almost certainly would have been burned for their heresy.

But they remained hidden until the twentieth century, when gnosis is experiencing something of a revival.

They may beg more questions than they answer, but remain a powerful alternative to what we know as orthodox Christian tradition.

I have felt impelled to share my recent discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library by writing a blog on 27 of the 52 codices. I thought it was a way of reaching as many people as possible in bite-sized digestible portions.

I did it for my readers – little did I know how much I would benefit!

In the beginning I struggled with understanding the texts – there were inconsistencies where texts seem to disagree.

In attempting to understand, I dissected the words with my mind which can lead to misunderstandings. My mind did not understand, but my heart and soul did…

An analogy is if I look at the toe nail of an elephant I would not recognize the animal, because I am focusing on such a small part. If you stand back and look at the animal as a whole, then you can easily see it is an elephant!

So, I let the words wash through me and sat with them. My persistence was rewarded with a subtle but perceptible change within me over time.

A sense of peace, calm and familiarity never fails to soothe my soul when I read these texts.

When I am ‘knocked off’ by the 3D world dramas we all have to partake in, reading the texts brings me back to myself.

 I am heartened by the words of Meister Ekchart,

“If you don’t understand this speech, don’t trouble your heart over it. For as long as a person does not become this truth, he will not understand this speech. For this is a naked truth, which has come directly out of the heart of God.”

I bow down to Mary Magdalene and her family.

She was an extraordinary woman, who I have learned much about through reading these gnostic texts. The Orthodox Church portrayed her as a repentant sinner, whereas in the gnostic texts she was revered as a leader, priestess, teacher, healer and mother.

So it is not surprising to discover she had the last word, literally.

In Mary Magdalene’s Legacy I reveal that six books from the New Testament were written by Mary Magdalene (this has been verified by a respected kinesiologist).

History is written by men for men – she played them at their own game, and won – hiding under the guise of men in order for her writings to be accepted by the Church.

For some reason, I have been guided to shine a light in a dark corner of religious his-tory, to bring awareness to her-story, one of the greatest injustices against women of all time.

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  1. Forward, my sister, I have long awaited this truth to be given voice. You are speaking with my spirit as I pray to Goddess on behalf of all women, female divine. Love and Peace be with you, now and forever. Amen, so be it.

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