The Egyptian Mystery Schools

The Eye of Horus Mystery Schools were named after Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. Set, brother of Isis and murderer of Osiris, was Horus’ rival. Horus was often depicted as a man with a falcon head.


Since Horus was said to be the Sky, he was considered to be also the Sun and Moon. The Sun was his right eye, the Moon his left, and they crossed the sky when he, as a falcon, flew across it.

Legend relates that Set, the patron of Upper Egypt, and Horus, the patron of Lower Egypt, battled for Egypt brutally until eventually the gods sided with Horus. In the struggle, Set lost a testicle and Horus’ eye was gouged out. The Eye of Horus became a symbol of protection from Horus or Ra, and the symbol of the Egyptian mystery schools. 

The Eye of Horus Mystery Schools were founded by Thoth Hermes Trismegistus. Thoth was the Egyptian God of writing, magic, wisdom and the moon. He was depicted as a man with the head of an ibis. The ibis was a sacred bird in Ancient Egypt and associated with wisdom.

Both Thoth and Horus are holding in their right hands an ankh, the symbol for eternal life. There is an electromagnetic field surrounding our bodies shaped like the ankh and the Egyptians. The Egyptians believed the remembrance of it was the key to returning to eternal life. 

 Worship of Thoth began in Lower Egypt in the Pre-Dynastic Period (c6000-3150 BCE) and continued through the Ptolemaic Period (323-30 BCE), making Thoth’s worship among the longest of any deity from any civilization.

The Greeks admired him so greatly they credited him as being the originator of all knowledge on earth and in the heavens.

Pythagoras recorded that Thoth took him by the hand, led him under the Great Pyramid, and taught him all the geometries and nature of reality!

There were three Eye of Horus Mystery Schools in Egypt: the male school was the Right Eye of Horus, the female school the Left Eye of Horus. The third school was the child, the Middle, or Third Eye of Horus. This is life, which the Egyptians considered to be the most important school of all. They believed everything that happens in life is a lesson, part of a school preparing for higher levels of existence, which the modern world calls death. 

The Egyptian Mystery Schools studied all aspects of human experience. Central to the training in the mysteries was the Mer-Ka-Ba, the human light body. In Hebrew it is Mer-Ka-Vah, means both the throne of God and a chariot, a vehicle that carries the human body and spirit from one place to another.

Initiates always attended the Left Eye of Horus School first. The feminine pathway explored emotions and feelings, both positive and negative, tantra, or sexual energy and their relationship to immortality, birthing, psychic energy, and everything that defies logic. If there was an emotional imbalance, this imbalance would stop the initiate from evolving. Without love, compassion and a healthy emotional body, the initiate would proceed on the path of enlightenment only so far, then stop. The mind can and will trick you into thinking all is well when not! 

Fear was and remains the primary force which stops a person from growing into the light. As we move into the higher world of light, we manifest out thoughts and feelings directly. So what all the ancient races discovered, is that in order to exist in the higher worlds, we must overcome our fears here on Earth.

To achieve this, the Egyptians built 12 special temples along the Nile, associated with each of the chakras. Each chakra has its associated fears. It took 12 years of initiation, spending one year or cycle at each of the temples, learning all aspects of feminine consciousness. At each of the temples they would be put into extremely fearful situations, so by the end of 12 years they were absolutely fearless! 

The Great Pyramid was the 13th temple and place of initiation.  

 Once emotional healing had taken place the initiates would progress to the male or Right Eye of Horus Mystery School. This was taught orally, and only once, although its primary components are etched on a single wall under the Great Pyramid that leads into the Hall of Records. There you will find The Flower of Life, some four foot in diameter, and 47 other images, representing chromosomes of Christ consciousness, the level we are ascending into now.

My cellular memory tells me that Yeshua attended the Left and Right Eye Mystery Schools in Egypt and was initiated under the Great Pyramid. 

Yeshua was tried and crucified for ‘magic’ – for raising Lazarus from the dead after four days. I believe his Mystery School training taught him how to do this and many other miracles he performed, recorded in the New Testament.

My next blog will be about Akhenaten and his mystery school!


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