The Akhenaten Mystery School

Akhenaten was the first pharaoh of Egypt and ruled for just 17 seventeen years from 1351-1344 BC. Before Akhenaten there were only kings, not pharaohs. Pharaoh means ‘that which you shall become’.

Akhenaten’s main aim was to break up all the occult religions and bring the Egyptian people back to a single religion where they believed in only one God.

The people worshipped statues, so Akhenaten had to give them something to worship, so he gave them the image of the Sun as God. 

Akhenaten told the people that the breath of life, the prana field, came from the Sun. He also said “In this new religion there will be no more untruthfulness – we are going to change our art so it reflects the total truth.”

So during the 18th Dynasty the artists were instructed to sculpt or paint things just as they saw it, like a photograph.

Apart from for ceremonial purposes, they were not allowed to wear clothes, as wearing clothes was hiding, obscuring the truth.

Akhenaten was over 14 feet tall! He had a long skinny neck, skinny hands, a high waist, wide thighs and skinny legs. He married Nefertiti, who was just 10 foot tall! They had six daughters. Akhenaten also had a lesser royal wife called Kiya, who would become the mother of Tutankhamen.

Akhenaten and his father Amenhotep III ruled the country together and built a city called Tel el Amarna from white stones. Akhenaten laid a stone there which says ‘this is the centre of the country’. Satellite images confirm this today.. 

Amenhotep III resigned whilst still alive and gave the country to Akhenaten. 

Akhenaten founded a mystery school – the Egyptian Mystery School of Akhenaten, the Law of One. The symbol was the Right eye of Horus. He brought students from the Left Eye of Horus (feminine side) Mystery School, graduates who were +45 years old, into the Right Eye of Horus Mystery School.  He taught them for 12 years, after which he had just 5 years to teach them immortality.

When you become immortal, your memory remains intact and you are conscious from them on. It means you stay in your body as long as you want (unless you are murdered), when you want to leave, you leave. This is the Egyptian definition of eternal life – continuous unbroken memory.

 Almost 300 people, nearly all women achieved immortality. They joined the Tat Brotherhood and later migrated to Masada, Israel and formed the Essene Brotherhood.

Akhenaten knew he did not have long – the military and the priests plotted an elaborate scheme to dispose of him (see ‘Mary Magdalene’s Legacy’), but he was not concerned because his students would get into the Akashic Records and be a memory in our DNA.

King Tutankhamen took over directly after Akhenaten was disposed of. He was 18, married to one of Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s daughters. Tutankhamen ruled for just one year; Nefertiti was in hiding but was in telepathic communication with him to help him run the country. 

Set I became the first king of the 19th Dynasty. He changed everything back to the old ways and called Akhenaten the same name they called Yeshua – ‘the criminal’.

Tel El Amarna was dismantled brick by brick and dispersed over the country to ensure there was no trace. Set I did not want the people to know that Akhenaten and Nefertiti had ever existed. 

The site of Akhetaten, the city he built and designed for the worship of Aten, at Tel El Amarna, was lost from history until the 19th century when archaeologists discovered some artefacts buried deep under the ground including this bust of Nefertiti.

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